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The Rouses Point Village Court or Justice Court is headed by the Honorable John J. Labonte. He is assisted by Court Clerk Marie "Toni" A. Quain.  The Honorable Christopher W. Latrermore is the Acting Village Justice.

Village Court is part of the New York State Unified Court System.  Village Court has jurisdication over a number of civil and criminal affairs.  Actions seeking monetary awards and small claims up to $3,000 or the handling landlord/tenant matters that may result in evictions are just some of the civil cases that can be heard in Village Court.  Criminal matters include the prosecution of misdemeanors and violations committed in the Village's geographic boundaries. Arraignments and preliminary hearings in felony matters, misdemeanors and traffic infractions are also handled by the Village Court.  In cases involving domestic violence, the Village Justice is authorized to issue an order of protection.


The following are scheduled Court nights for the Rouses Point Village Court held at 39 Lake Street, Halstead Hall, Rouses  Point Civic Center at 5:00pm: 

                 - VILLAGE COURT SCHEDULE -                   
May 2015      June 2015 July 2015 August 2015
May 12 June 2 July 7  TBD
May 19 (DA Night) June 9 July 14  
May 26 (Closed)  June 16 (DA Night) July 21 (Closed)  
  June 23 (Closed) July 28  
  June 30     

The southside door of Halstead Hall is used exclusively for police, prisoners and court personnel.  All others must used front door of the Civic Center.

The mailing address for the Court Office is P.O. Box 185, Rouses Point, NY 12979-0185 for postal delivery. The physical address for other deliveries is 139 Lake Street, Rouses Point, NY 12979.  There is no mail delivery to 39 Lake Street.

Please provide complete mailing addresses and phone numbers (including area code) on all correspondence to the Court Office.

The Court Office can be reached at 518-297-6648 ext. 334. The fax number is 518-297-6649. Court Clerk Marie A. Quain's e-mail address is


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