The Village of Rouses Point has, over the years, passed through a process of legislative change common to many American communities. While only a few simple laws were necessary at the time of the establishment of the village, subsequent growth of the community, together with the complexity of modern life, has created the need for new and more detailed legislation for the proper function and government of the village. The recording of local law is an aspect of municipal history, and as the community develops and changes, review and revision of old laws and consideration of new laws, in the light of current trends, must keep pace. The orderly collection of these records is an important step in this ever-continuing process. Legislation must be more than mere chronological enactments reposing in the pages of old records. It must be available and logically arranged for convenient use and must be kept up-to-date. It was with thoughts such as these in mind that the Board of Trustees ordered the following codification of the village's legislation.

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The Board of Trustees may enact legislation either by resolution or local law.  State laws and Village rules of procedure require a resolution or a local law to be used for a particular action.  A local law is the highest form of legislation for the Village.  The power to enact a local law is granted to local governments by the New York State Constitution and are subject to certain limitations.  A local law has the same effect as an act of the New York State Legislature. Adopting a resolution requires the least amount of formality.  Unless required by state law, resolutions may be adopted without any waiting period, without notifying the public, and without holding a public hearing.  Resolutions are used for actions concerning the day-to-day operations of the village.  


The Village of Rouses Point is a zoned community, with subdivision regulations, site plan review, and a zoning plan and ordinance.  John L. Cooper is the Village Code Enforcement Officer for the Village of Rouses Point.
John can be reached at 518-297-5502 ext. 328 or at 518-570-3147 (cell), or by e-mail at for information concerning building permits, code enforcement issues or zoning requirements.

The following forms and applications are used by the Code Enforcement Officer: