Dr. Lyndhurst C. Dodge was born in West Chazy on 20 March 1841 to Dr. Daniel Dodge and his wife Judith Gates Dodge.

At the age of seven his father moved the family to Rouses Point where he practiced medicine for the next three years. The family resided on Champlain Street where Lyndhurst attended school at the stone house. The family moved back to West Chazy in 1850 leaving their eldest son, Dr. Daniel G. Dodge (1826-1877) to continue the practice. His residence and office were located on Lake Street.

Lyndhurst began to teach school at about the age of sixteen, teaching successfully until the spring of 1859 when he entered Albany Medical College, graduating in 1862. Now 21 years of age, he accepted an appointment on the medical staff of the U.S. Army and became an assistant until the Civil War ended, emerging a highly respected surgeon and diagnostician. His father has died while he was at the front so he returned to West Chazy.

While he was away his brother Daniel had built a successful and extensive practice in Rouses Point where he invited Lyndhurst to assist him. The younger Dr. Dodge accepted and, at this point (1868) became a permanent resident of the lakeside village where he stayed for the remainder of his life. Daniel accepted a political appointment with the State of New York and left the large practice and community responsibilities to Lyndhurst who served three terms as President of the village between 1880 and 1900. His army experience made him a leading surgeon; none knew better when to operate and when not to. His skill with fractures, dislocations and amputations was badly needed in an area where farm and railroad accidents were numerous. He gave up his practice in 1901 due to poor health, and passed away in 1904.

In Lyndhurst's will he bequeathed $10,000 ($6,000 for building and $4,000 for books) to the people of Rouses Point to establish a free public library. He stipulated that they should vote whether to accept this gift or not. by a vote of 45 to 53 the residents of Rouses Point accepted the bequest and the responsibility of supporting the library.

James Collopy, James Driscoll, T. M. Leonard, J. R. Myers, and Frank Pardy serving as the first board of trustees, chose the site and hired John B. Poirier to construct one of the finest buildings in the village, a building that has stood the test of time for over 110 years.

 The Rouses Point Dodge Memorial Library opened on 30 January 1907 with an annual budget of $300.  Miss Sarah E. Hammond was the first librarian followed by Miss Mary Spear who filled the position for the next 22 years. Since that cold day in January 1907, the people of Rouses Point have continued to enjoy the quality books, DVDs, audiobooks, online resources, and programs that the Library has to offer.

Adapted from 2008 Historical Calendar written by  former Village Historian Donna Racine and printed by Border Press

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