Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Rouses Point , named after Jacques Rouse, was founded in 1783 and is an active waterfront community perched on the picturesque shores of Lake Champlain, in the northeast part of New York State along the 45th parallel.  It is cherished for its friendly, relaxed atmosphere, striking landscape and rich history.  The Village offers an array of historical attractions; shopping and dining; special events; concerts and plays on its' center stage; an indoor hockey area and civic center - and endless outdoor recreation.  It's an ideal place to live, work and play.


  • Total - 2.2 square miles (5.7 km²)
  • Land - 1.8 square miles (4.6 km²)
  • Water - 0.4 square miles (1.1 km²)
Elevation - 112 ft (34m)

Population - 2,195 (2020)

Time Zone - Eastern

ZIP Code - 12979

Area Code - 518

Geography and Features

  • The Village of Rouses Point is known as the Northern Gateway to New York State and the Champlain Valley.  Where "Lake Champlain greets the rest to the world."
  • Rouses Point shares a border with Quebec and its Border Crossing is called one of the "Best Kept Secrets in the North Country."
  • The village is a 45 minute drive from Montreal, Quebec; one hour drive from Burlington, Vermont; a three hour drive from Albany, and a six hour drive from New York City.
  • Amtrak train service between New York City and Montreal stops right in Rouses Point.

Recreation and Entertainment

  • Rouses Point's easy access to Lake Champlain and full service marinas provide seasonal boaters with a picturesque home base.  The marinas hosts a series of races and offer boat, kayak and jet ski rentals all summer.  Barcombs Marina is the closest marina to the Canadian Border.
  • Rouses Point is less than an hour's drive from the Adirondack High Peaks and the ski resorts of Vermont - a nature lover's playground!
  • Rouses Point is the perfect setting for your next camping, golfing, cycling, motorcycling or winter sports adventure.  The Lakes to Locks Passage provides a scenic drive.
  • Shipwreck Barges on Lake Champlain provide a unique way to explore the area.
  • Historical and cultural opportunities abound - from viewing the ruins of historic Fort Montgomery; to perusing the titles of the historic Dodge Memorial Library; to visiting the History and Welcome Center.  Watch plays and band concerts on the Samuel de Champlain Center Stage weekly during the summer.  There's something to entice everyone!

Local Businesses and Career Opportunities

  • Rouses Point attracts a wide variety of industries and professionals.  Employers include, Homeland Security, Belcam, Inc. and Powertex to name a few.  The village's close proximity to larger cities also provides an easy commute for professionals.

Historic Features

  • The Rouses Point-Champlain Historical Society continues to engage the community in historical programs, performances and lectures highlighting the area's unique place in American History.  The Society runs the Rouses Point History and Welcome Center during the summer months.
  • Rouses Point was the most important terminus on the Champlain Line of the Underground Railroad's passageway to freedom because of the proximity to Canada.
  • The village was once a key part of the "Rum Trail" during Prohibition.
  • Fort Montgomery, named for the Revolutionary War hero General Richard Montgomery, can be viewed from the Rouses Point-Alburgh, Vermont Bridge (Korean War Veterans' Memorial Bridge).  Now a 19th century privately owned ruin, the Fort is still an impressive attraction with an interesting history.  Construction had already begun on the fort before it was discovered that the land was one mile into Canadian territory.  Construction stopped, and then began again on a new fort in Rouses Point.  The first fort is known as "Fort Blunder."

Airport Access

  • Plattsburgh International Airport is approximately 24 miles from the village.
  • Burlington International Airport is located less than 40 miles from the village.
  • Montreal International Airport is less than 50 miles from the village.

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