Treasurer's Office

Treasurer's Office

139 Lake Street
PO Box 185

Rouses Point, NY 12979
Phone: 518-297-5502
Fax: 518-297-3818
Village of Rouses Point Seal Office Hours: M-F   
 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
The Treasurer's Office or Accounting Department is headed by Treasurer Arsene F. Letourneau, CMFO and assisted by Deputy Treasurer Rebecca L. Pelkey and Account Clerk/Typist Patricia A. Garrand .  The Treasurer is also the Village Tax Collector.

Village OfficeThe Treasurer's Office maintains custody of all Village funds and keeps an account of all Village receipts and expenditures in Village Office compliance with the uniform system of accounts issued by the Office of the State Comptroller.

The Treasurer's Office bills and collects monthly utility bills (electric, water and sewer charges), real property taxes, Civic Center charges and other various miscellaneous charges and receipts.

The Treasurer's Office is also responsible for the village payroll; payment of all village expenditures; the sale of hunting and fishing licenses; and maintains compliance with the Village's Investment, Procurement and other financial polices.

An annual financial report of the Village's revenues, expenditures and outstanding indebtedness is filed with the Village Clerk and the Office of the New York State Comptroller for each fiscal year ending May 31st.

To contact the Treasurer's Office, you may call them at (518) 297-5502, at the following extensions or by e-mail at:

Village Treasurer

    - Arsene F. Letourneau, CMFO - ext. 316 -

Deputy Village Treasurer

    - Rebecca L. Pelkey - ext. 315 -

Account Clerk/Typist

    - Patricia A. Garrand - ext. 332 -


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